Glazing and Re-glazing

As experts in skylights and sloped glazing systems, we find in our consultations that most of our commercial (and many residential) customers do not need anything as drastic or comprehensive as a full skylight replacement; we can more often then not find a less involved solution to save you time and money.


Our Glazing and Re-Glazing servicing includes:

  • Identifying and correcting individual leaks on large commercial systems
  • Partial (individual pane) glass replacements on commercial and residential systems
  • Full replacement of all sealants, gaskets, and weatherproofing measures on commercial systems
  • And full glass replacements with acrylic, polycarbonate, or glass.

Reinforced Skylights has a sterling reputation in the Baltimore/DC metro area for detecting and finding the most cost efficient and timely solution to simple leak issues, or offering the most comprehensive re-glazing options based on your needs. We can advise on the advantages of laminated glass vs. polycarbonate, tinted acrylic vs. tinted, or help you choose between hundreds of types of glass based on light exposure, thermal efficiency, cost, or any other concern you might have.

View a gallery of re-glazing work.